Minolta Dynax 505si / Maxxum HTsi


Launched during Minolta's 70th anniversary year 1998, the Dynax 505si (Maxxum HTsi) is Minolta's answer to Canon's EOS10 - one of the first mainstream AF SLRs to have a chrome top-panel 'retro' appearance. It offers more control over lower range models plus a number of custom functions.

The main features are as follows:

3-point Autofocus
A newly developed AF system uses a 3-point sensor and improved contrast amplifier. The centre sensor is cross-hair type and the outer two are vertical only.

Sophisticated Autoexposure
The camera features Minolta's renowned 14-segment honeycomb metering system, as used in their top-of-the-range (and considerably more expensive) Dynax 9. Metering pattern and weighting is adjusted according to focus subject position and lighting conditions. Spot metering is the other option. As well as the 5 subject-oriented exposure modes (portrait, landscape, close-up, sport and night) used by its lower-spec. cousins, Program, Aperture and Shutter priority and full manual modes are available to allow experienced photographers more control. Exposure bracketing and 2-shot multi-exposure are also available.

Unequalled Power
Other specs. are increased over lower-range models. Top shutter speed is 1/4000 and the 'normal' flash sync. is 1/125. Continuous frame rate is a 2fps maximum.

Custom Functions
A number of the camera's controls can be custom set to the user's preference. The 9 custom functions include:

Built-in Flash
The built-in GN 12m flash will fire on demand or automatically (as required by light conditions) whenever lifted. The camera offers high speed sync. with Minolta's 5400HS flash and third-party flashes that offer this feature up to the camera's highest 1/4000 shutter speed. Red-eye reducing pre-flash is available. The in-built flash can also be used to trigger remote flashes without using cables.

Other Specifications
Power: 2 off CR2 lithium
Dimensions: 135 x 90 x 58.5mm
Weight: 350g body only

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