Minolta 7000 Specifications

TYPE: 35mm with autofocus, automatic programme selection, film transport and rewind, and automatic/manual exposure control.

LENS MOUNT: New Minolta 'A'-type bayonet with electrical contacts and mechanical coupling accepting seven new fixed focal length lenses from 24 to 300mm and five zoom lenses.

SHUTTER: Vertical-travel metal ectronically-controlled focal plane type, speeds 30 sec. to 112000 sec., stepless in P and A modes, futl-stop settings in M or S modes, flash sync at 1/100 sec.

METERING:: TTL centre-weighted averaging with a silicon cell (SPC) on pentaprism, range 4 sec, at f1.4 to 1/2000 at f22 with 1001SO film, second SPC in mirror box for TTL flash metering.

FILM SPEED SETTINGS: Automatic with DX-coded films, manual settings ISO 25 to 6900, 25 to 1000 for 7TF flashmetering.

AUTOFOCUS SYSTEM: Minolta TTL phase-detection type with CCD sensor array and mircoprocessor for direct digital adjustment by built-in high-speed micrometer.

EXPOSURE MODES: Programme shutter speed and aperture set automatically with programme for three different slopes; wide for focal lengthsshorter than 35mm, standard for 35mm to 105mm, and tele for lengths longer than 105mm, changing automatically with zoom lenses when altering their focal lengths. Aperture priority -- available apertures selectable in half stops, camera sets corresponding to shutter speed. Shutter priority -- speeds 11200 to 30 sec, selectable in full stops, camera sets aperture. Metered manual -- manual setting of any speed anb battery uaperture, correct exposure indicated in viewfinder. TTL off-the-film flash metering: XP -- auto setting for X sync at 1/100 sec, with aperture f2.8 to f8 atISO 100, automatic fill-in flash in bright sunlight; A -- 1/100 X-sync, any aperture usable, AE lock enables slower speeds to balance flash with ambient lighting; M -- Xsync at 1/100 or slower speeds, any available aperture usable, speed is reset for 1/100 if 1/125 or faster speeds are set.

FILM TRANSPORT: Auto threading, auto advance to first frame, single frame or continuous advance up to two frames per second possible, power rewind.

VIEWFINDER INFORMATION: Focus signals -- green LED glows when subject is in focus. Automatic illumination in low light showing exposure mode,shutter speed, aperture, programme shift, exposure adjustment, film speed, battery warning, whether light within metering range, over- under-exposure warning.

TOP PANEL DATA DISPLAY: Exposure mode. shutterspeed, aperture.programme shift, exposure adjustment, film speed, frame counter, drive mode, self-timer operation,'bulb' operation, battery warning, over-under-exposure

POWER: 4 AAA 1.5v alkaline-manganese batteries power all operations. Built-in lithium cell for memory back-up whe batteries being changed low-power warning, shutter locks when batteries are exhausted, sliding main switch with Lock. On, or Beep position.

SELF-TIMER: Electronic 10-sec. delay, indicated by three-stage blinking LED, simultaneous beeping, countdown in data panel, cancellable.

SIZE AND WEIGHT: 52 x 91.6 x138mm dimensions, weight 555 grams without lens or batteries.

PRICE: With 50mm lens, $858.60; Programme Flash 2800AF, $156.35. (Australian Dollars at Release Date)

DISTRIBUTION: Swift Consumer Industries.(Australia)