Minolta Autofocus Lens System

With the wide variety of AF lenses, from 16mm fisheye to super telephoto 600mm fixed focal lengths, plus versatile zoom lenses and advanced Zoom xi Lenses, Minolta offers an AF lens that best suits your subjects and shooting conditions.

Each lens is as compact and lightweight as possible. Minolta has named our special group of high-quality, large-aperture lenses the "G-Lens Series." The G-Lens Series has been achieved by means of our unique optical designs, aspheric lens technology and raw materials developed exclusively by Minolta. These high-performance lenses provide superb photographic results that meet even the needs of professionals.

Zoom xi Lens System

Lens/Camera Integration

Because both the Dynax 9xi and Zoom xi lenses contain separate expert intelligence systems, more subject information is able to pass in both directions between the camera body and the lens. So instead of setting a focal length that's determined entirely by the lens, or adjusting the zoom speed according to directions given by the camera alone, the camera and lens make all zooming decisions together.

Variable-Speed Power Zoom

Each new Zoom xi lens features an internal, ultra-compact room motor and a microcomputer which automatically selects the most appropriate speed, from fast to slow, to maintain picture composition throughout the focal length of the lens in use. For more zooming versatility, this variable-speed power zoom may also be manually controlled by turning a large, rubberized ring located on the lens barrel. Turn the ring to the right to zoom out, and to the left to zoom to a wider angle. The farther you turn this ring in either direction, the faster the lens focal length will change. To manually focus, pull the ring back and turn. Pulling the ring back without turning locks focus.

Advanced Program Zoom (APZ)

To effortlessly maintain a pleasing picture composition with moving subjects, the Dynax 9xi automatically changes to continuous mode APZ whenever you insert the Sports Action Card 2 or Child Card into the camera. If your subject's distance changes, the focal length will adjust to smoothly and continuously change the magnification of your subject in the frame, to maintain the picture composition throughout the zoom range of the lens in use. Easy confirmation of the focal length in use is accomplished by pulling back the lens control ring. The current focal length will appear in the shutter-speed display of the body and the viewfinder data panel.

Wide-View Mode

In wide-view mode before the photograph is taken, the Zoom xi lens sets a focal length so that 150% of the picture area can be seen in the viewfinder.

AF Power Zoom 35-80/4-5.6 Macro

This Minolta AF Power Zoom lens is ultra-compact and lightweight with simple power zoom operation (The APZ and Wide-View Mode is not possible with the AF Power Zoom 35-80mm lens)

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