Minolta Dynax 9

Front view of body with 50/1.4 In commemoration of their 70th anniversary, the Minolta Dynax 9 is a new professional-spec body launched in the spring of 1999.

Left side detail

The feature list is extensive:

Body with grip and new 85/1.4 APO-G mounted

The new camera offers an impressive construction. Most of the body, including the flash housing, is made from stainless steel; the top and bottom plates are zinc die-castings; aluminium castings are used in the mirror box and lensmount. The metal framework of the body is covered with polycarbonate, coated with a UV-hardened polymer that resembles a fine crackle finish. The optional backs are stainless steel and the VC Grip is die-cast zinc; back catches are steel, not plastic. Controls use multiple seals to prevent moisture and dust ingress; rotary dials are marked with phosphorescent paint and the LCD can be illuminated.

Rear view of body with optional DM-9 Data Memory back fitted Minolta are to offer two optional backs.

View of top controls and 80-200/2.8 zoom mounted As you can see, controls are mostly of the rotary type. On the right side, a sprung door hides 4 small pushbuttons to control custom functions, mid-roll rewind, etc.

Front view of optional vertical grip The optional VC-9 Vertical Control Grip provides an additional control wheel and shutter release. Mid-roll film rewind is possible; you dial in the number of frames used on a reloaded film and the camera automatically advances to the next unused frame.

Power selector switch on grip The grip also provides up to 3 power options; it accepts AA, CR123A and 2CR5 batteries and you don't need to remove the camera's batteries to use it.

New Lenses

A number of new lenses are also to be launched:

For more information, refer to Minolta Europe's web page on the Dynax 9

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