Minolta Pre-MC and MC Series Lens Specifications

Minolta's MC Rokkor lenses first appeared with the very popular SRT series manual 35mm SLR's.
Below is a table of the various MC series lenses that were available at the introduction of the SRT101. Also included are at least some lenses that were not meter coupled, originally introduced for the SR series.

Many thanks goes to Jim THYER for supplying the copy of the SRT101 manual that made this possible.

Table of Interchangeable Rokkor Lenses
Angle Of View
Minimum Focus
Minimum F-Stop
Filter Mount Diameter
18mm f9.5 UW Rokkor-PG75Manual180Fixed Focusf2255 mm60x48mm240g
21mm f2.8 MC72mm
21mm f4 W Rokkor-OH84Manual920.9mf1655mm60x20mm166g
28mm f2.5 MC W Rokkor-SI97Automatic760.5mf1655mm63x61mm364g
28mm f3.5 MC W Rokkor-SG77Automatic760.6mf1655mm63x45mm245g
35mm f1.8 MC W Rokkor-HH86Automatic640.3mf1655mm65x67mm420g
35mm f2.8 MC W Rokkor-HG76Automatic640.4mf1652mm63x45mm215g
35mm f4 W Rokkor-QF54Manual640.4mF2255mm60X34mm182g
55mm f1.7 MC Rokkor-PF65Automatic430.5mf1652mm63x37mm225g
55mm f2 MC Rokkor-PF65Automatic430.5mf1652mm60x35mm205g
58mm f1.2 MC Rokkor-PG75Automatic410.6mf1655mm69x54mm455g
58mm f1.4 MC Rokkor-PF65Automatic410.6mf1655mm65x41mm275g
85mm f1.7 MC Tele Rokkor-PF 65Automatic291mf2255mm72x61mm450g
100mm f2.5 MC Tele Rokkor-PF 65Automatic241.2mf2255mm63x68mm410g
100mm f3.5 MC Tele Rokkor-QE 54Automatic241.2mf2255mm63x54mm240g
100mm f4 Tele Rokkor-TC 33Manual241.2mf2246mm56x80mm240g
135mm f2.8 MC Tele Rokkor-PF 65Automatic181.5mf2255mm62x93mm425g
135mm f3.5 MC Tele Rokkor-QD 44Automatic181.5mf2255mm63x88mm400g
135mm f4 Tele Rokkor-TC 33Manual181.5mf2246mm56x115mm375g
200mm f3.5 MC Tele Rokkor-QF 64Automatic122.5mf2262mm70x138mm720g
200mm f4.5 MC Tele Rokkor-PE 55Automatic122.5mf2252mm63x130mm500g
300mm f4.5 MC Tele Rokkor-HF 66Automatic84.5mf2272mm81x200mm1150g
600mm f5.6 Tele Rokkor-TD 43Manual410mf45126mm132x530mm4.7kg
1000mm f6.3 RF Rokkor MirrorLensManual2.530mf2249mm217x450mm10.6kg
100mm f4 Auto Bellows Rokkor-TC 33Automatic24f3255mm63x35mm165g
135mm f4 Bellows Rokkor-TC 33Manual18f2246mm56x55mm200g
50mm f3.5 MC Macro Rokkor-QF 64Automatic450.23mf2255mm68x55mm330g
40-80 f 2.8 MC Zoom Rokkor1212Auto ??1m
(0.37m at
close up
50-100mm f3.5 Auto Zoom Rokkor 159Automatic46-242mf2277mm82x126mm855gr
80-160mm f3.5 Auto Zoom Rokkor 1510Automatic30-152.5mf2277mm84x207mm1350gr
100-200mm f5.6 Zoom Rokkor 85Manual24-122mf2252mm58x175mm535gr
160-500mm f8 Auto Zoom Rokkor 1611Automatic15-54.5mf2277mm87x490mm2750gr

This document was prepared by Craig Huxley
: craig@dyson.brisnet.org.au

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