Comparison of Minolta MD Camera System Features

FunctionXK MotorX-700X-570X-370
Quartz Control***
Programmed auto exposure*
Aperture priority auto exposure****
Manual Exposure****
Direct Autoflash Metering**
Programmed autoflash control*
Slow-shutter autoflash*
AE lock***
+/- 2 EV auto exposure override**
Audible slow-shutter warning**
Acute-matte focusing screen***
Interchangeable finder*
Optional focusing screens** **
Touch switch** *
Depth of Field preview button** *
Film safe load signal***
Electronic LED self timer***
Integral front/back grip(s)*
Film tab memo holder****
PC terminal***
Built-in eyepiece blind*
Multiple exposures*
Built-in motor drive*
Viewfinder Information
Exposure Mode****
Preset Aperture***
Metered Shutter Speed****
Preset Shutter Speed***
Flash Ready Signal***
Flash Distance Check (FDC) Signal**
+/- over-ride signal*
Low Voltage Warning***
Over/Under exposure warning***
Accessory Compatability
Motor Drive 1***
Auto Winder G***
Multi-Function Back**
Quartz Data Back 1**
Wireless Controller IR-1 Set***

Last update 8 Oct.2000
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