Minolta MD and Contemporary Lenses

Here's a listing I've compiled with some help from some of the gang on the MML of MD and MD-Contemporary Manufacture lenses. It is as complete as I can make it, using word of mouth and Minolta catalogs as well as some of the books out there on the subject. I hope this helps people out there who ask "what is available in MD lenses from Minolta?" - Jim Franz (JFranz2777@aol.com), 11 July 1999.

Minolta Lenses (MD) and Contemporary Lenses
NameMin fFilter
17mm f4 MD2272mm
17mm f4 MD W Rokkor-X2272mm
20mm f2.8 MD2255mm
20mm f2.8 MD W Rokkor-X2255mm
24mm f2.8 MD2255mm
24mm f2.8 MD W Rokkor-X2255mm
28mm f2 MD2255mm
28mm f2 MD2249mm
28mm f2 MD W Rokkor-X2255mm
28mm f2.8 MD2249mm
28mm f2.8 MD W Rokkor-X2249mm
28mm f3.5 MD2249mm
35mm f1.8 MD2249mm
35mm f2.8 MD2249mm
35mm f2.8 MD W Rokkor-X2249mm
45mm f2 MD1649mm
45mm f2 MD Rokkor-X1649mm
50mm f1.2 MD1655mm
50mm f1.2 MD Rokkor-X1655mm
50mm f1.4 MD1649mm
50mm f1.4 MD Rokkor-X1655mm
50mm f1.7 MD1649mm
50mm f1.7 MD Rokkor-X1655mm
50mm f2 MD2249mm
85mm f1.7 MD2255mm
85mm f1.7 MD Rokkor-X2255mm
85mm f1.7 MD TeleRokkor-X2255mm
85mm f2 MD2249mm
100mm f2.5 MD2255mm
100mm f2.5 MD Tele2255mm
100mm f2.5 MD Tele Rokkor-X2255mm
135mm f2 MD Tele2272mm
135mm f2.8 MD Tele2255mm
135mm f2.8 MD Tele Rokkor-X2255mm
135mm f3.5 MD Tele2249mm
135mm f3.5 MD Tele Rokkor-X2255mm
200mm f2.8 MD Tele3272mm
200mm f2.8 MD3272mm
200mm f4 MD Tele3255mm
200mm f4 MD3255mm
200mm f4 MD Tele Rokkor-X3255mm
300mm f4.5 MD3272mm
300mm f4.5 Tele Rokkor-X3272mm
300mm f5.6 MD3255mm
300mm f5.6 MD Tele Rokkor-X3255mm
400mm f5.6 MD APO3272mm
400mm f5.6 MD APO Tele3272mm
400mm f5.6 MD APO Tele Rokkor-X3272mm
600mm f6.3 MD APO32INT/R
600mm f6.3 MD APO Tele32Rear
7.5mm f4 MD Fisheye Rokkor-X22INT
7.5mm f4 MD Fisheye22INT
16mm f2.8 MD Fisheye Rokkor-X22INT
16mm f2.8 MD Fisheye22INT
24mm f2.8 MD VFC Rokkor-X2255mm
24mm f2.8 MD VFC2255mm
24-35mm f3.5 MD Zoom2255mm
24-50mm f4 MD Zoom2272mm
24-50mm f4 MD Zoom Rokkor-X2272mm
28-70mm f3.5/4.5 MD Zoom2255mm
28-85mm f3.5/4.5 MD Zoom2255mm
35-70mm f3.5 MD Zoom2255mm
35-105mm f3.5/4.5 MD Zoom/macro2255mm
35-105mm f3.5/4.5 MD Zoom2255mm
35-135mm f3.5/4.5 MD Zoom2255mm
40-80mm f2.8 MD Zoom Rokkor-X2255mm
50-135mm f3.5 MD Zoom2255mm
50-135mm f3.5 MD Zoom Rokkor-X2255mm
50-135mm f3.5 MD Zoom3255mm
70-210mm f4 MD Zoom3255mm
75-150mm f4 MD Zoom3249mm
75-200mm f4.5 MD Zoom2255mm
75-200mm f4.5 MD Zoom Rokkor-X2255mm
100-200 f5.6 MD Zoom2255mm
100-300mm f5.6 MD Zoom3255mm
100-500mm f8 MD Zoom3272mm
100-500mm f8 MD Zoom Rokkor-X3272mm
100-500mm f8 MD Zoom APO3272mm
CELTIC (US market only)
28mm f2.8 MD Min/Celtic2249mm
35mm f2.8 MD Min/Celtic2249mm
135mm f2.8 MD Min/Celtic2255mm
135mm f3.5 MD Min/Celtic2255mm
200mm f4 MD Min/Celtic3255mm
100-200mm f5.6 MD Min/Celtic3255mm
RF TELE (NON-MD but contemporary Manufacture)
250mm RF f5.616INT/R
500mm RF f816INT/R
500mm RF f8 Rokkor-X16INT/R
800mm RF f816INT/R
800mm RF f8 Rokkor-X16INT/R
1600mm RF f1116INT/R
1600mm RF f1122INT/R
1600mm RF f11 Rokkor-X22INT/R
50mm f3.5 MD Macro2255mm
100mm f3.5 MD Macro Rokkor-X2255mm
100mm f4 MD Macro3255mm
50mm f3.5 MD AutoBellows Macro3255mm
100mm f4 MD AutoBellows Macro3255mm
50mm f3.5 MD Macro Rokkor-X2255mm
100mm f4 MD Macro Rokkor-X2255mm
OTHER (non-MD but contemporary Manufacture)
50mm f3.5 MC Macro Celtic2255mm
35mm f2.8 Shift CA Rokkor-X2255mm
35mm f2.8 Shift CA1655mm
85mm f2.8 Varisoft1655mm
85mm f2.8 Varisoft Rokkor-X1655mm
100mm f4 AutoBellows1655mm
12.5mm f2 (Auto) Bellows Micro (Macro)16EXT
25mm f2.5 (Auto) Bellows Micro (Macro)16EXT

Date provided by Jim Franz (JFranz2777@aol.com)
HTML: Chris Valentine

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