Minolta Light Meters

Flash Meter V

Flash Meter V measures ambient, flash or mixed ambient and flash light at the push of a button. Its Analyze function helps you control the ratio of flash to ambient light. It can also measure exposure for multi-burst flash photos.

Spotmeter F

Spotmeter F allows precise 1° spot readings of both flash and ambient light, contrast measurements, exposure biasing and more. Exposure calculations for highlights, shadows and midtones can me made at the touch of a button. Required f-numbers are dispalyed with tenth-stop accuracy.

Auto Meter IVF

In addition to ambient light measurements, the Auto Meter IVF also provides corded and cordless flash metering for shutter speeds from 1/500 to 1 second. Its exclusive brightness difference function simplifies the balancing of lighting ratios and determination of subject contrast. Shutter speeds from 30 minutes to 1/8000 sec. are set in half stops and apertures are displayed at a tenth-stop accuracy.

Auto Meter III

Designed to provide ambient light metering, the low-cost Auto Meter III has both analog and digital displays and an exposure memory function. A variety of accessories are available to expand its abilities.

Color Meter IIIF

The Minolta Color Meter IIIF provides accurate color measurement for both ambient and flash lighting. It displays both light balancing and colour compensation filter factors, and can measure the colour temperature of light sources. It has nine memory channels to allow for the fine tuning of the meter to suit varying film stock batches or processors.

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