The Minolta Mailing Lists

The Minolta List on eGroups

There is a popular Minolta owners' list on web-based list service eGroups. Being web based, you can join and leave the list via their web page, plus decide if you want the messages or digest emailed to you, or just read them on the web.

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There some other smaller Minolta-related lists on egroups - just use the search facility there to find them.

The (Original) MML

The original MML, run by Eric Loyd on a server at RIT, New York, has now completely ceased operation.

You can search the archives of the MML, going back to March 1997, at Mike Boone's Minolta page.

Galleries of List Members

Here is an old list of links to the photo galleries of various MML members. Most, if not all shots were taken using Minolta equipment.