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Used Camera Equipment Traders

This is a few used photographic equipment traders that I have found online that actually stock some Minolta equipment. Obviously the lists change constantly so I would suggest checking regularly for any new bargains. The authors of these pages would like it known that they have not used any of these businesses personally so they cannot comment on their reliablity or quality [exception: Chris has used Mifsud, Ffordes and MXV often and they are very good]. Please check with others through the rec.photo newsgroups.

Minolta Books via the Internet

Here's a page listing a number of publications on Minolta cameras and equipment available via the internet (external link).

Ordering Replacement Manuals (in the USA)

The following is from Minolta USA dated 15 Dec 98; copy and/or print out the relevant section.

In order to receive a manual, please complete the information required below and send it with a check or money order made payable to MINOLTA Corporation to the address indicated below.

The cost for a manual is as follows {1}:

$5.00 for film cameras: MAXXUM, X-series and other Single Lens Reflex cameras, Vectis, Freedom, Hi-Matic and compact cameras, Flash units and Minolta Meters

$10.00 for any Video Product or Digital Product

Please allow at least five business days for your request to be processed. We appreciate your continued interest in MINOLTA products.

      Make your check payable to Minolta Corporation; send checks or money orders to:
      Dept M
      Consumer Service Department
      101 Williams Drive
      Ramsey, NJ 07446
      Name:  __________________________                  
      Address:  ________________________                 
      City:  ___________________________                 
      State:  ______________  Zip:  _______     
      Product Model Name
      Daytime Phone #

{1} If a manual was NOT included with your recent purchase of a MINOLTA product, please send us a copy of your sales receipt showing purchase within the last three months and we will send a manual to you free of charge. For your convenience, our FAX number is (201) 825-028

The Minolta Club of Great Britain

Although independantly run, the Minolta Club of Great Britain operates in collaboration with Minolta UK and therefore receives data and new kit for review. Members are free to submit photos, competition entries, questions and even articles (eg: Chris' first and second articles) for their quarterly-published magazine Minolta Image. Contact details as follows:
The Minolta Club of Great Britain
Icon Publications Limited
Maxwell Place
Maxwell Lane
Scottish Borders

Phone: (01573) 226271
FAX: (01573) 226000
David Kilpatrick: david@maxwellplace.demon.co.uk

Legal Information Regarding These Pages

The following was writted by Craig, original author of the MUG pages:

Firstly I would like it known that I am in no way officially connected with Minolta or the Australian Minolta distributor.

Also I in no way take responsibility for any errors or omissions contained within these Web Pages nor the undertaking of any technique explained on these web pages.

Several pages have been prepared by other persons and I in no way accept any responsibility for these pages.

Information here and also a number of scans have been taken from various Minolta catalogues, users manuals and brochures all care has been taken to insure the accuracy of the data but typos do occur.

I have been unable to ascertain from Minolta if any objections are had by them in reproducing the information contained within this web site, but sincerely hope that they recognise that this site is conducted in good faith and is solely as an online users resource and also to promote the continued efficient use of Minolta cameras.

'Minolta' and the various Minolta logos are registered trademarks of The Minolta Corporation. Copyright of all original material is acknowledged.

Added 26/8/98:

A number of the MUG Web Pages contain material scanned from brochures and manuals. All such data and photos are Copyright © Minolta Camera Co. Ltd. If there is any objection from Minolta on the grounds of copyright violation, these pages will be removed as soon as possible and without contest.

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