Minolta RD-175 Digital Camera

The Minolta RD-175 is the most affordable high quality digital camera currently available. It is based upon the successful Minolta 400si/500si body and accepts all currently available Minolta A bayonet lenses (i.e. AF lenses).

The RD-175 uses 3 CCD sensors to provide high resolution of 1.75 million pixels (1528x1146). This is achieved through diagonally shifting each CCD pixel to fill any gaps. Up to 114 images can be stored on the 130MB drive, and can be transferred through it's built-in SCSI-2 interface.

Includes: AC Adapter, 130MB Type III PCMCIA hard drive, SCSI-2 cable, NP-500 lithium-ion battery and control software for both Mac (Photoshop plug-in) and Windows (Twain compliant driver).

Digital Camera Features

Type: SLR digital Camera with built in flash, autofocus (AF) and Auto Exposure(AE)
Exposure Modes: Program, A-Mode, S-Mode, Manual F-Stop Range f/6.7 to Minimum of attached lens
Sensitivity: ISO 800
Shutter Speed: 1/2 - 1/2000 sec.
Frames Capture Rate: 2 seconds per frame
Usable Lenses: All Minolta Maxxum AF lenses, from 16mm fisheye to 600mm telephoto, plus Macro
Viewfinder Difference: Actual image (what you see is what you get)
Flash Mode: TTL Automatic with built-in and all Maxxum Flashes
White Balance: Auto, Manual (3200K/ 5500K/Flash/ Fluorescent)
Usable Flashes: All Maxxum Series-I, xi or HS units + Wireless flash capability available with Maxxum 3500xi, 5400xi/HS units

Color Depth: 24 bits
Final Pixels: 1.75 Million Final Resolution: 1528(h) x 1146(v)
Focal Length Difference: 2:1 (50mm = 100mm)
Compression Method: Minolta Exclusive
Image Size (Compressed): 1.1 Megabytes
Image Size (Interpolated): 5 Megabytes
Image Storage: PCMCIA Type II/III ATA Card or Flash
Host Interface: SCSI-2
Processing Time: 25 sec. (w/Power Mac)
Imager Spec.-Filtration: 3 CCD ( G, G, R/B) Dual Green System
Imager Spec.-Optical Resolution: 768 x 494 x 3 (3, 1/2" CCDs)
Imager Spec.-Optical pixels: 380,000 x 3

Charging Temperature: 0-Degrees C to 40-Degrees C (32 to 104F)
Operating Temperature: 5-Degrees C to 40-Degrees C (41F to 104F).
Weight: 31.5 ounces (900g) body only
Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.4 x 5.5" (161 x 11.2 x 139.5 mm)

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