The Minolta X-570

The X-570 is designed to satisfy any creative urge that you may get and, at the same time, to urge you on to even newer discoveries in the world of fine photography. It offers a host of fine features and is controlled by advanced micro-computerized quarts control circuitry to give you the precision that you require for outstanding photographic results. Added to these features are an expanded range of custom SLR accessories, including four dedicated PX series Auto Electroflashes that take advantage of the X-570~5 any aperture automatic flash exposure, and a selection of more than fifty superior interchangeable SLR lenses When you put these all together, you'll see why the X570 could be exactly what you've been looking far: a precision SLR that gives you outstanding results and consistency, plus lasting value throughout the years.

Aperture Priority Automatic Exposure Control

Creative focusing effects are yours by selecting the aperture to control depth of field, while the camera automatically selects the shutter speed from a stepless range. Another creativity-expanding advantage of this mode is that virtually any lens or close-up accessory can be used.

Any Aperture Automatic Flash Exposure Control

Take full advantage of the X·570's Direct Autoflash Metering far a full range of aperture utilisation and precise flash photographic results.

Automatic Exposure Lock (AE Lock)

Easily overcomes potential problem-causing lighting conditions where areas of extreme light and dark occur in the same photographic situation.

Full Information Metered Manual Exposure Control

Select virtually unlimited combinations of aperture and shutter speed to achieve creative exposure effects and, at the same time, see how far you're ranging from balanced exposure settings.

Exposure Monitor Viewfinder

There's no need to look away from the X-570's eyepiece to check an shutter speed. f-stop, what exposure made you're in or whether your dedicated strobe is fully charged and ready to fire.

Custom SLR Accessories

Choose either the Motor Drive 1 or the Auto Winder G for fast action-freezing capability at 2 or 3.5 frames per second. Chose from three dedicated Auto Electroflashes to fully utilize the X-570's Direct Autoflash Metering capabilities. And select either the Multi-Function Back for unmanned camera control and data imprinting, or the Quartz Data Back 1 for keeping accurate photographic records.

Optional Focusing Screens

The X-570's standard Acute-Matte focusing screen can be replaced by any of eight optional Acute-Matte screens according to your particular use at an authorized Minolta service facility.

Aperture Priority Automatic Exposure Control

Gives you tremendous creative latitude by precisely controlling and varying depth of field.

The X570's aperture priority automatic exposure mode enables you to greatly vary creative focusing effects Select "A" on the cameras mode/shutter-speed selector. Set your preferred aperture and focus. And then depress the X-570's operating button. The camera does all the rest, selecting the best available stepless shutter speed for your preset aperture and the current lighting conditions

The X-570 gives you tremendous range of creativity with this aperture priority automatic exposure mode. Use a small lens opening to give you maximum sharpness from the foreground all the way to the horizon. Or create exquisite portraits using a large lens opening to change the background into soft pastels. Change shutter speeds instantly by simply turning the aperture ring. And without taking your eye from the viewfinder. You have full automatic control with close-up equipment and mirror lenses

Slow-shutter-speed warningIf desired. the X-570 can be set to beep if the shutter speed is 1130 sec. or slower. Warning you of the danger of blur from camera movement.

Any Aperture Automatic Flash Exposure Control

Off-the-film-plane metering gives you auto-flash control at any aperture and extended flash range with PX-series Auto Electroflashes.

A mark of an experienced photographer is consistently excellent flash photographs And the X-570 helps you achieve this consistency and excellence with its Minolta Direct Autoflash Metering system.

When the X·570~s shutter is released. Electronic circuitry automatically sets the camera's shutter speed to X-sync. The flash is fired at full shutter opening and light reflected from the subject strikes the film surface. An extremely sensitive silicon photocell gauges this reflected light and terminates flash emission at the precise time for ideal exposure.

This system provides many advantages: ease of use, with the need for complicated calculations and strobe settings completely eliminated, especially effective in close-up situations. And a full range of aperture utilization: you can choose, for example, a larger aperture for auto-flash at extended flash distance or a smaller aperture which often proves indispensable for close-ups and photomacrography.

Automatic Exposure Lock (AE Lock)

Gives you instant exposure control at the touch of a button to compensate for backlight or create special effects.

Automatic exposure systems normally measure the average brightness of a photographic situation. And thus, under certain lighting conditions, you may experience subject overexposure or underexposure if special care is not taken.

Automatic Exposure Lock is a very important X-570 feature, as it helps overcome the problems associated with areas of extreme light and dark occurring in the same picture: where sand, snow or bright sky, for example, contrast with shadowing on the subject, or in the foreground or background it's much easier and faster than manual exposure adjustment. too!

Full Information Metered Manual

For the ultimate in creative expression, with full viewfinder exposure information to aid your experimentation.

By switching your X-570's mode/shutter-speed selector from its automatic exposure mode. you can create a variety of exposure effects.

The creative choice is now entirely up to you, allowing you to select a virtually unlimited combination of shutter speeds and f-stops far any exposure effect you desire.

And all the while your X-570 will remind you of what you're doing and how far you are ranging from the recommended shutter speed

Exposure Monitor Viewfinder

All necessary exposure data can be seen in the brightest, clearest viewfinder found in any SLR.

Mode indicators and battery check:


Shutter speed in auto mode:

Shutter speed indication in manual mode:

Flash ready and Sufficient-exposure indicators:

Other X-570 Features

Acute-Matte Focusing Screen: The X-570's Acute-Matte focusing screen is comprised of some 2,500,000 microscopic cells, each of which is a conical micro-lens shaped for better light dispersion and consequently, a 50% brighter, cleaner, higher-contrast image that is easier to focus.

Touch Switch: By placing your forefinger on the X-570's Touch Switch, instantaneous metering and LED readouts in the viewfinder begin. These readouts continue for 15 seconds after removing your forefinger and then automatically terminate to conserve battery power.

Safe Load Signal: tells you that your film is properly loaded and advancing smoothly.

Brighter, Multi-coated Reflecting Mirror: Minolta's advanced multi-coating technology has improved the X-570's mirror reflection by 11% over conventional types of mirrors to improve viewfinder performance and focusability.

Main Switch and Audible Warning: Handy on-off switch conserves battery power and prevents accidental tripping of the shutter. An alternate mode activates an audible warning, which warns you if the auto shutter speed is 1/30 sec. or slower in A mode.

Easy Film Loading: A wider film spool slit and claw makes film loading faster and more trouble-free.

Bayonet Mount: Allows use of any Minolta SLR lensever made. An improved stainless steel material has been lubricant-impregnated to produce an extremely accurate and smooth lens-to-camera fit.

Depth-of-Field Preview Button: Stops down the lens so you can check the depth of field through the X-570's viewfinder.

Audible Visible Self -timer: An electronically-controlled, 10-second self-timer is released with indication of a three-step blinking LED, accompanied by a cancelable audible signal.

Double Action Grip: Comfortable integral front and back grips aid in holding the X-570 easily and steadily.

Remote Control Socket: Used for electronic remote cord and Wireless Controller in-1 Set operation of the X-570.

Memo Holder: With a handy ISO/DIN-ASA conversion table inside, this memo holder lets you display the film box end for reference.


Type: Quartz/electronically governed 35 mm single-lens reflex auto exposure (AE) camera

Exposure-control modes: Aperture-priority automatic ("A") and full metered manual ("M")

Lens mount: Minolta SLR bayonet of lubricant-impregnated stainless steel (standard lenses: MD 50 mm f11.2, f/1.4 or f/l .7)

Exposure control and functions: Low-voltage, low-current computer circuit auto-exposure range: EV 1 to EV18 (e.g., 1 sec. at f/1.4 to 111000 at f/16) at ISO 100/21" with f/1.4 lens; AE lock enables holding meter reading for exposure at that value regardless of subject-brightness changes.

Shutter: Horizontal-traverse focal-plane type; stepless speeds 1/1000 to 4sec. at "A" or fixed speeds 1 to 1/1000sec. or "B" (bulb) at detented indications; electromagnetic shutter release locks when voltage too low for proper operation.

Metering: TTL center-weighted averaging type, by silicon photocell mounted at rear of pentaprism for available light; by another SPC mounted with optic in side of mirror compartment for through-the-lens (TTL) off-film Direct Autoflash Metering to control burst duration of PX-series flash units

Mirror: Multi-coated oversize instant-return slide-up type

Viewfinder: Eye-level fixed pentaprism type; Fresnel-field focusing screen having artificially regular patterned matte field plus central split-image horizontally oriented focusing aid surrounded by microprism band, interchangeable with Type P1, P2, Pd, M, G, L, S or H screens at authorized Minolta service stations; LED display and metering activated by normal finger contact or slight pressing of operating button and continue for 15sec. after finger removed, except go out during exposure

Flash sync and control: Hot shoe and PC terminal for X sync, camera-control contact on hot shoe for automatic setting of shutter at 1/60sec. (except when AE lock engaged or mode/shutter-speed selector set for sync at "B") and flash-ready signaling with PX and X units; second spring-loaded contact on hot shoe for burst control by Direct Autoflash Metering

Film advance: Manual: by lever; motorized: with accessory Motor Drive 1 or Auto Winder G; advancing-type frame counter; Safe Load Signal indicates film condition.

Power: Two 1.5v alkaline manganese (LR44: Eveready A-76 or equiv.), two 1.55v silver-oxide (SR44: Eveready S-76, EPX-76, or equiv.), or one 3v lithium (CR-113N) cell(s); no LED's light and shutter will not release when voltage too low for proper operation.

Self-timer: Electronic for 10-sec. delay, with operation indicated by LED that blinks at 2 Hz for 8sec., then 8 Hz for l sec., then remains on until shutter releases, plus simultaneous audible indication when main switch in appropriate position; engaged by switch on body, cycle started by pushing operating button, cancelable anytime before release

Other: Audible 4Hz piezoelectric warning when auto speed is 1/30sec. or slower; integral front handgrip; detachable back with integral handgrip, memo holder, and ISO (DIN, ASA) table; positive 4-slot take-up spool; remote shutter-release socket

Size and weight: 2 x 3'/2 x 53/rr in. (51.5 x 89 x 137 mm), 16'5116 oz. (480 9) without lens and power cells.

Optional accessories: Auto Electroflash 360PX, 280PX, 132PX, Macro 80PX, off-camera cables and connectors, Power Grip 2, etc.; Quartz Data Back 1, Multi-Function Back; Motor Drive 1, Auto Winder G, Wireless Controller IR-l Set: MD, MC, and other Minolta interchangeable lenses and applicable Minolta SLR system accessories.

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