Dynax 500si Super

500si Super

The Minolta Dynax 500si Super is kindred cousin to the Dynax 500si/Maxxum 400si model. It addresses many of the deficiencies of the later model by introducing a number of features that many serious photographers would consider essential. It brings all these with a small price premium over the base 500si configuration..

For whatever reason, Minolta USA has made a decision to not import and distribute the 500si(400si) Super, perhaps fearful that it will impact upon the sales of both the 400si and 600si.

The 500si Super retains the 5 subject modes - landscape, portrait, close-up, action or night portrait of the 500si, but adds serious tools for manual exposure, such as spot meter, double exposure mode, and DX over-ride. Both models of course possess exposure compensation, Program, Aperture priority, Shutter priority and fully metered manual exposure modes.

Commentary on the Dynax 500si/Maxxum 400si is all valid for this model. To recap the differences between the 500si and 500si Super:

For further information consult the body comparison chart.

7. Control Dial,
8. Self Timer LED
4. Drive Mode Button
5. Exposure Mode Selector,
6. Hot Shoe,
9. LCD Panel,
10. Shutter Release
13. On/Off Switch,
1. Flash Control,
2. Exposure Compensation,
3. Mode Button,
11. Lens Mount Release,
12. Focus Mode Mode Button

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Last updated 21 December 1996