Dynax 500si / Maxxum 400si


To allow more control, the 500si adds P, A, S and M exposure modes to the 5 subject-oriented modes of lower-spec models. Exposure compensation of up to 3 stops is possible, either side of the metered value. Set (or chosen) aperture and shutter speeds are indicated in the viewfinder, as is flash ready and AF.


AF System
Single, central AF sensor; continuous predictive AF/focus lock selected automatically according to subject movement; AF/MF switcheable manually; sensitivity EV -1 to 18 (@ ISO100).
TTL 8-segment matrix meter (all segments cluster closely around centre AF sensor); range EV 1-20 (@ ISO100 with f1.4 lens).
Exposure Modes
Subject modes: portrait, landscape, close-up, sport and night; Program (P); Aperture priority (A); Shutter speed priority (S); Manual (M).
Built-in Flash
GN12m @ ISO100; coverage up to 28mm lens; recycle time approx. 2 seconds with new battery; red-eye pre-flash feature; remote wireless control of optional 3500xi or 5400HS flashes.
Film Speed
Automatic with DX coded film from ISO25 to ISO 5000; ISO25-1000 only recommended for flash use.
Exposure Compensation
+/- 3 stops in 0.5EV increments
Electronically controlled, vertical travel; range 1/2000 to 30 seconds plus bulb setting; flash synchronisation at 1/90 or slower; HSS not possible.
Film Transport
Automatic with built-in motor drive; auto film threading; auto advance to first frame; single frame or 1fps continuous advance; automatic or forced-manual rewind.
90% field of view with 0.75x magnification (50mm lens @ infinity); -1 dioptre; indication of shutter speed, aperture, flash and AF.
Self Timer
Electronic cancellable 10-second delay.
Single 6v 2CR5 lithium; battery checked automatically at power-on.
147.5 x 92.5 x 66.5mm
395g body only.

For further information consult the body comparison chart.

7. Control Dial,
8. Self Timer LED
4. Drive Mode Button
5. Exposure Mode Selector,
6. Hot Shoe,
9. LCD Panel,
10. Shutter Release
13. On/Off Switch,
1. Flash Control,
2. Exposure Compensation,
3. Mode Button,
11. Lens Mount Release,
12. Focus Mode Mode Button

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Last updated 30 Oct.1999