Minolta Interchangeable Lenses

By Ratnakar Dev/Peter Siepen, Last updated: 1 Sept. 2000, CPV.

Meter Coupled Auto-DiaphragmAngle
Of View
Minimum FocusMinimum F-StopFilter ThreadDimensions Weight
7.5mm f/4 MD Fisheye12/8Yes 1800.5m(1.6ft.)f/22Built-in 68x63mm355g
16mm f/2.8 MD Fisheye10/7Yes 1800.25m(0.ft.)f/22Built-in 64.5x43mm265g
Wide Angle
17mm f/4 MD11/9Yes 1040.25mf/2272mm 75x53mm325g
20mm f/2.8 MD10/9Yes 940.25m(0.8ft.)f/2255mm 64x43.5mm240g
24mm f/2.8 MD8/8Yes 840.3m(1ft.)
f/2249mm 64x39.5mm200g
28mm f/2 MD9/9Yes 750.3m(1ft.)
f/2249mm 64x36mm265g
28mm f/2.8 MD7/7Yes 750.3m
f/2249mm 64x43mm180g
28mm f/3.5 MD5/5Yes 750.3mf/2249mm 64x40.5mm160g
35mm f/2.8 MD5/5Yes 630.3mf/2249mm 64x38.5mm165g
35mm f/1.8 MD8/8Yes 630.3mf/2249mm 64x48mm235g
45mm f/2 MD6/5Yes 510.6mf/1649mm 64x30.5mm125g
50mm f/1.7 MD6/5Yes 470.45m(1.5ft.)f/1649mm 64x36mm165g
50mm f/1.4 MD7/6Yes 470.45mf/1649mm 64x40mm220g
50mm f/1.2 MD7/6Yes 470.45mf/1655mm 65.5x46.5mm315g
85mm f/2 MD6/5Yes 290.85m(2.8ft.)f/2249mm 64x53.5mm285g
100mm f/2.5 MD5/5Yes 241m(3.3ft.)
f/2249mm 64x65.5mm310g
135mm f/2 MD6/5Yes 181.3mf/2272mm 79x96mm725g
135mm f/2.8 MD5/5Yes 181.5m(4.9ft.)f/2255mm 64x81mm385g
135mm f/3.5 MD5/5Yes 181.5mf/2249mm 64x72.5mm265g
200mm f/4 MD5/5Yes 12302.5m(8.2ft.)f/3255mm 64x116.5mm400g
200mm f/2.8 MD5/5Yes 12301.8mf/3272mm 78x133mm700g
300mm f/5.6 MD5/5Yes 8104.5mf/3255mm 65x186mm695g
300mm f/4.5 MD IF7/6Yes 8103mf/3272mm 77.5x177.5mm710g
400mm f/5.6 MD-APO7/6Yes 6105mf/3272mm 83x256.5mm1440g
600mm f/6.3 MD9/8Yes 4105mf/32Built in 108.5x373.5mm2400g
24-35mm f/3.5 MD Zoom10/10Yes 84-630.3m(1ft.)f/22 & f/32
55mm 67x50mm285g
24-50mm f/4 MD Zoom13/11Yes 84-470.7m(2.ft.)f/2272mm 75x69.5mm390g
28-70mm f/3.5-4.8 MD Zoom8/8Yes 76-350.8m(2.6ft.)f/2255mm 64x68.5mm285g
28-85mm f/3.5-4.5 MD Zoom13/10Yes ?0.8m(2.6ft.)f/2255mm 65.5x86.5 mm470g
35-70mm f/3.5 MD Zoom8/7Yes 63-341mf/2255mm 69x68.5mm365g
35-70mm f/3.5 MD Zoom - Macro8/7Yes 63-340.8mf/2255mm 67.5x65.5mm365g
35-70mm f/3.5-4.8 MD Zoom7/7Yes 63-340.5m(1.6ft.)f/22-3255mm 64x67.5mm185g
50-135mm f/3.5 MD Zoom12/10Yes 47-181.5mf/2255mm 68.5x118mm480g
35-105mm f/3.5-4.5 MD Zoom16/13Yes 63-231.6mf/2255mm 65x90.5mm480g
75-150mm f/4 MD Zoom12/8Yes 32-16.51.2mf/3249mm 64x113.5mm445g
70-210mm f/4 MD Zoom12/9Yes 34-121.1m(3.ft.)f/3255mm 72x153mm635g
100-200mm f/5.6 MD Zoom8/5Yes 24-12302.5mf/3255mm 63.5x173mm570g
100-300mm f/4 MD Zoom13/10Yes 24-8101.5m(4.9ft.)f/3255mm 72x187mm700g
100-500mm f/8 MD Zoom16/10Yes 24-52.5mf/3272mm 91x330mm2030g
Macro and Micro
50mm f/3.5 MD Macro6/4Yes 470.23m(0.8ft.)f/2255mm 64x55.5mm200g
100mm f/4 MD Macro5/4Yes 240.45m(1.5ft.)f/3255mm 66x88.5mm385g
12.5mm f/2 Bellows Micro4/4No --f/16* 33x23.5mm40g
100mm f/4 Bellows Macro (triplet type early version)3/3No --***
100mm f/4 Bellows Macro (later version)5/4No --f/32*** 57x28.5mm145g
250mm f/5.6 RF6/5
No102.5mNABuilt in 66.5x58mm250g
500mm f/8 RF6/5
No 54mNABuilt in 83.5x98.5mm600g
800mm f/8 RF8/7
No 3108mNABuilt in 125x166.5mm1900g
1600mm f/16 RF6/5
No 13020mNABuilt in 178x322.5mm6850g
Special Purpose
24mm f/2.8 MD VFC9/7Yes 840.3m(1ft.)f/2255mm 64.5x50.5mm340g
35mm f/2.8 MD Shift-CA9/7No/YES 630.3mf/2255mm 83.5x71.5mm560g
85mm f/2.8 MD Varisoft6/5Yes 290.8mf/1655mm 70x80mm440g
MD 2X Tele Converter 300-S?-----??
MD 2X Tele Converter 300-L5/3-----65x52.5mm230g
Meter Coupled Auto-DiaphragmAngle
Of View
Minimum FocusMinimum F-StopFilter ThreadDimensions Weight

 - Features Macro Capability
* - Optional gelatin-Filter
** - Auto Diaphragm
*** - Optional gelatin-Filter/55mm filter with hood

Refer also to this table of MD and MD-Contemporary manufacture lenses.

Note that a number lenses underwent design changes during their lifetime, including differing optical and mechanical construction and changes of filter thread - for some examples, see this table (external link).

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