Australia 2001 - Part 3

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The drive back went smoothly, and thanks to a reasonably early start and driving a bit faster than the local average, we managed it in one day. Which gave us one more day on the original 5-day rental, which we spent by going down the coast a bit to Byron Bay and Cape Byron. The weather was mostly wet, with some serious showers now and then.

Of course we visited the easternmost part of mainland Australia, and wondered why everybody was standing at the second-easternmost part of mainland Australia, and nobody was noticing the real easternmost part. Maybe it doesn't look like it, despite the markings on the tiles?

On the way back we stopped off at Mt Warning National Park, so named because spotting this mountain from a ship meant you were about to scrap your boat on the beginnings of Australia.

The final stop on the way back to Brisbane was via Tweed Heads and Coolangatta to view some surfing and eat some ice cream. The weird tower is sited on the border between Queensland and New South Wales, and is actually a lighthouse. The little lights at the top may not look impressive, but apparently they generate lots of light.

Having returned the car, it was back to borrowed transportation, our own two feet, and public transportation. Not that we traveled around all that much: the ferry that took us to Brisbane center and the shopping mall were the main destinations apart from the swimming pool.

Having enjoyed the peace and quiet at Lake Moogerah, it got the honour of the last daytrip. On the way over our friendly driver (same as last time) got stopped at a roadworks site, and was asked a question by a friendly lady roadworker: "Did you have to stop at the previous site too?" Our driver truthfully answered that no, we could pass right through that one. Wrong answer, as the lady explained with a big smile: "Too bad, I would have let you through if you had said yes". Still, this being Australia, she stayed by the open window and chatted the waiting time away. Upon arrival there was another delay: my friend the friendly driver absolutely had to hear the cricket scores on the car radio :-)

This very nice day ended at the house of our friend and his wife, admiring his palm tree collection and garden, followed by listening to some music, dinner and more music. He then drove us home, giving a half-hour discourse on cricket. His lecture was so fascinating that I intend to go to a test match sometime. In the company of an expert, of course, otherwise I still wouldn't understand what was going on.

I'll be back :)

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