Obtaining copies

Obtaining copies


Where are the pics?

24h-Rennen 2002
VLN March 2003
24h-Rennen 2003
CHC 12 July 2003
VLN 1 April 2004
VLN 2 April 2004
VLN 4 May 2004

Longer trips
UK 2003
New York 2001
Australia 2001
Australia 1998
Australia 1996

Short trips
Ordina Open (June 2002)
Rhijnauwen (July 2002)
Sĝren's M3 (Feb. 2003)

Getting a copy of any picture in the photo section of my site is easy: send me an email at jw@jwhubbers.nl stating which picture you would like and in which format. If you tell me the name of the picture (e.g. ring38-3587) I'll know which picture you mean. Alternatively, email me the URL of the picture itself :-)

Pictures are available on paper and electronically.

Available paper formats
The prints are done by a photo store on real photographic paper using specially prepared image files.

Size Price
10x15cm 2 euro
20x30cm 10.00 euro
30x45cm 15 euro
50x75cm 20 euro

These prices assume that you're buying a single print; contact me for pricing of multiple prints.

Available electronic formats
Hi-res copy (JPG format, 3072x2048, filesize >1.5MB): 10 euro. This includes processing of the original 16-bit uncompressed data to ensure realistic colours, good contrast and sharpness etc.

If you're not interested in the postprocessing, I can send you an unprocessed hi-res 8-bit JPG for 5 euro.

Shipping costs
I can send prints via snail-mail. Costs are what the post office charges me.
Alternatively, I can take the prints with me to the Nürburgring on one of my regular visits.

There's no shipping cost for electronic images, but as filesizes tend to be between 1.5 and 2.5 MB for each picture, I would appreciate it if you made sure that your mail account has sufficient storage available to receive the files.